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GARMIN GPS用 日本全国デジタル道路ナビ V5.0 [ダウンロード版] のレビュー GARMIN GPS用 日本全国デジタル道路ナビ V5.0 [ダウンロード版] のレビュー
商品名: GARMIN GPS用 日本全国デジタル道路ナビ V5.0 [ダウンロード版] GARMIN GPS用 日本全国デジタル道路ナビ V5.0 [ダウンロード版]
投稿者: LCW
投稿日付: 2013年11月18日

I have been a user of the UUD Japan V2 maps since 2008, and just upgraded to the V5 maps. Updated maps and more POIs, as compared to the earlier V2 version. It is a breeze to drive around Japan with the English routable maps.
Most Japanese rental cars have a GPS built-in and are fairly intuitive to use, but having the Japan map on a standalone Garmin GPS unit allows me to pre-program the POIs that I wish to visit. Some of the romanised Japanese POI names can be confusing, and it is useful to be able to check them out in advance.
The UUD website is excellent. Within 15 minutes of ordering the UUD map, I had it downloaded and installed for use.

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