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GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版] のレビュー GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版] のレビュー
商品名: GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版] GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版]
投稿者: richard
投稿日付: 2011年09月24日

I downloaded this map in 2009, it was not cheap of course at over Y9000 but since we travel to Japan most years and we do trail walking I thought it worth it. The best fun I had with it was using it on the shinkansen with my garmin 76csx to find out how fast we were going! But when we went trailwalking in the hills above Kamakura and also around Mt Asa in Kyushu, many of the paths were not marked. This was a pity since when you really need a map is up in the hills. So I guess the answer is that this map is fine for driving and city walking but don't think it is up to Ordnance Survey standards when it comes to the countryside paths!

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GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版]
登山用に購入しましたので山の名前がローマ ..
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