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GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版] のレビュー GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版] のレビュー
商品名: GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版] GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版]
投稿者: Barry
投稿日付: 2010年06月16日

'Brilliant product. The full Japan map was easily downloaded and installed
on a 2GB microSD card in my Oregon 400t via Garmin's Trip and Waypoint
Manager, installed on my netbook.

We, my son and myself, were in Japan for three weeks, travelling from Tokyo
to Nagasaki and back again, taking in ten cities and towns in-between. Using
waypoints and routes, some pre-planned on the netbook and downloaded to the
Oregon, some done 'on the fly' on just the Oregon, the turn-by-turn facility
made finding our way around very easy. More than once we would have been
truly lost without the detailed street mapping, particularly in the larger

I would recommend anyone going to Japan to invest in a Garmin GPS and this
brilliant map.'

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GARMIN GPS用 日本詳細1:25000 v2.0 [ダウンロード版]
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