Old Products - Version 2 Japan Map

The version 2.0 Japan road map is currently quite out-dated (about 10 years old). Unless you Garmin GPS model is old and map memory space is too limited, we strongly recommend to purchase the version 4.0 map.

Japan 1:25,000 Detail Road Map with Topo for Garmin GPS is a map sortware especially made for the US original (non-localized version including AP, EU models) Garmin GPS units.

Table of Contents

Version 2.0 Main Features

  • This Japan map is especially made for the US original (non-localized version including AP, EU models) Garmin GPS units.
  • Supports automatic route generation, turn by turn navigation, automatic re-routing.
  • All roads is included for the routing feature includes trails. Default setting, cars, only searches roads wider than 3.0m
  • This map is based on the publication of Digital Map 25,000 (Spatial Data Framework) published by Japanese Geographical Survey Institute (Kokudo Chiri-in). The level of detail is 1:25000 throughout entire Japan.
  • The point of interests (POI) are taken from the Digital Map 25000 (Point Data) almost equivalent to 1:25000 maps, total of nearly 600,000.
  • 20m interval of Topo map generated from 2 arc second (50 meter) mesh of digital elevation model
  • POI includes about 300,000 place names in Japan.
  • All POIs are shown in roman characters (alphabet) called Romaji.
  • Main highway, national roads and railroads with their names if they are named in digital map 25000.
  • Almost all roads included in 1:25,000 paper map by Japan GSI may be less than 1.5m wide as well as some of trails/unpaved roads.
  • POIs are searchable by nearest places.
  • POIs include name of mountains, rivers, lakes.
  • Shows bridges and tunnels along with their names (if any).
  • This map is based on the Publication of Digital Map 5000000 (General) as well as Digital Map 25000 (Spatial Data Framework) published by the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan (Kokudo Chiri-in), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, JAPAN with its approval under the article 29 of Surveying Law (Approval Number #107, SO-FUKU 2006).
  • This map also uses the Digital Map 25000 (Geographical Names & Public Facilities) as well as the Digital Map 50m Grid (Elevation) published by the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan (Kokudo Chiri-in), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, JAPAN with its approval under the article 30 of Surveying Law (Approval Number #64, SO-SHI 2006).
  • The unique serial number is embedded in all map that we can identify the end user (individual mesh and appears at startup screen on GPS) to protect our copyright.

- List of Limitations

  • We are trying to make the list of limitations as complete as possible. Please make sure to read all limitation as well as FAQ page before attempting to buy our Japan map; so you won't get surprised. Some of limitations are critical.

Pricing and Availability

  • Product Name: Japan 1:25000 Road Navigator for Garmin GPS v2.0 (Download version)
  • Product Code: JAPANMAP25KL
  • Price: 6,480 YEN (Include Tax)
  • Size of road maps for all Japan is 470MB (471 regions)
  • Size of topo maps for all Japan is 218MB (465 regions)

Version 1.2 is no longer available for sale.

Click Here to buy the map.

Coverage Map

Coverage Map
Small square regions in pink are the covered areas.


Osaka and Kyoto
Regional map near Osaka/Kyoto displayed in MapSource

Map near Kyoto displayed in MapSource

Kyoto Detail
Detail map near Kyoto city displayed in MapSource

Detail map near Sapporo city (Hokkaido) displayed in MapSource

Okinawa Kadena-Cho around airport and the US base

Detail map near Kyoto city displayed in GPSr

Detail map near Mt. Fuji displayed in GPSr

Display topo map using Garmin Colorado 300

POI Search Sample

Sample of 20m topo map displayed over 1:50000 topo map

Japan South Alps
Sample of trails in Japan South Alps

Screen shot taken from iQue M4

Sample: Navigation with Garmin Colorado

Colorado Navi1 Colorado Navi2
Profile has been set to "Automotive."

Sample: Navigation with GPS Mobile XT installed on Dell Axim X51v PDA

Sample: Navigation with GPS Mobile XT installed on Nokia E65 smartphone

Nokia E65 Sample Nokia E65 Sample2

Sample: Searching on MapSource

An example of a route search from the starting point on the left to the destination on the right. This route is calculated with the default setting, optimized for a car.

Route properties shows the total distance of 11.0 km with the estimated time of 17:48 (roughly).

One can change the search setting as a pedestrian using the same starting point and the destination.

Pedestrian setting ended-up with a slightly diffrent route using the shorter distance of 9.8km.


This is an example of searching a long-distance route.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7
    * Works on Windows Vista but you must update Garmin MapSource to version 6.12.2 or later
  • Memory: At least 32 MB minimum RAM
  • HDD: 1 GB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive: Required
  • 256-color display adapter and monitor (24-bit color recommended)
  • PC interface or USB interface cable
  • Garmin MapSource® compatible Garmin GPS unit
  • Garmin MapSource® or Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager to transfer maps (sold separately if not included with GPS)
  • GPS Memory: At least 24MB of available memory for transferring maps is recommended

V2.0 Recommended Garmin GPS Models

  • Colorado 300 / Colorado 400c / Colorado 400i / Colorado 400t (* 3D/Terrain map view is NOT available)
  • GPSMAP 76C / GPSMAP 76Cx
  • GPSMAP 60C / GPSMAP 60Cx
  • eTrex Vista C / eTrex Vista Cx / eTrex Vista HCx
  • eTrex Legend C / eTrex Legend Cx / eTrex Legend HCx
  • Garmin Mobile 10 with Bluetooth capable PDA or Smartphone

Following models are recommended to purcharse preprogrammed data card. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a Garmin MapSource program(or Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager) to transfer maps.

  • Oregon 200 / Oregon 300 / Oregon 400c / Oregon 400i / Oregon 400t
  • eTrex Venture Cx
  • Nüvi Series
  • StreetPilot Series
  • Quest Series
  • iQue Series
  • Zumo Series
  • Edge 605 / Edge 705

Indeed, we have not tested any model other than above, but it should work for any mapping GPS from Garmin that support Garmin City Navigator maps.

Please note that we do not support nor recommend any of Garmin aviation GPS receivers or GPS chartplotters that use Garmin special data card to install our Japan map as we have no experience using them. If you decided to use our Japan map, please use at your own risk.

List of Limitations

  • A route generated with this Software does not contain any road restriction such as one-way road. This Software is recreational purpose only, and not a replacement of the car navigation system.
  • You are responsible for the vehicle. You may be in danger when you simply follow the route and may violate traffic rules. Always drive safely and follow traffic rules. Do not use the automatic routing and navigation feature if you do not understand this limitation.
  • There is no private retailers or accomodations type POIs such as hotels, restaurants, shops. Almost all POIs are place names, public facilities and natural features.
  • There is no label for streets. Only major highways and national roads(number) are labeled. Meaning that there is no street names on the map (unlike the other countries, the most of residential roads do not even have their name in Japan).
  • Polygon (land cover) data are only water features such as lakes and large rivers. This limitation is due to the original data set of GSI's digital map 25000 (Spatial Data Framework).
  • We use the latest data set from GSI' digital map. However, some of data are as old as 5 years due to the published date of the GSI's digital map set. If you can read Japanese, their published date may be found here.
  • Topographic map is generated from the mesh of digital elevation model. It is not a real trace of topographic map. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contour line (it is roughly as accurate as 1:50,000 topographical map).
  • You may not find places by address. Note that including full address search (i.e. geocoding), is technically impossible using the US Garmin units since Japanese banchi address is not based on the street number system like the US or Europe (the most of residential roads do not even have their name). You may search places under "Cities" category. The "Cities" category includes not only cities, but also almost all place names in Japan. For example, if you are looking for "Akasaka 3-chome", please spell "AKASAKA3."
  • Garmin MapSource or Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager must be installed in advance (sold separately if not included with GPS).
  • UUD Co., Ltd. or Upupdown is not affiliated with Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. Garmin Ltd. will not support third party maps for their GPS including Upupdown Japan maps. Please contact us for problems and do not send problem report to Garmin if you have difficulty installing Japan map.


Please read license agreement carefully before making a purchase.


We would like to thank Stanislaw Kozicki, the author of cGpsMapper software for his support and providing an excellent software. Without his work of cGpsMapper, we could not provide this map. Please visit his web site http://cgpsmapper.com/.