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UUD Co., Ltd. or Upupdown is not affiliated with Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. Garmin Ltd. will not support third party maps for their GPS including Upupdown Japan maps. Please contact us for problems and do not send problem report to Garmin if you have difficulty installing Japan map.

Important: If you purchased version 2.0 map before Feb. 2 2010 and expericenced the unlock problem, please contact us using the form here, please include our online store order number in the form. We will give you an instruction to update.- New

Support Contents

"Pre-Purchase" Frequently Asked Questions


Unlock Map Product with a 25-Character Unlock Code

* For the version 4 memory card version, the method to obtain the code is described in the product package.

1. In MapSource, click "Utilities > Manage Map Products." In BaseCamp, click “Tools > Manage Map Products.”

2. In Map Product Manager, select the Unlock Regions tab, and click Add.

Unlock Regions

3. Enter the 25-character unlock code and press OK. If you have multiple unlock codes, repeat adding the unlock code by pressing "Add."

To unlock using MapInstall that comes with Garmin BaseCamp software, click upper left corner and choose "Manage Map Products." Then, please follow the instruction to unlock above.

Unlock from MapInstall

To unlock using BaseCamp software, open "Map Product Manager" from menu "Tools > Manager Map Products."

Unlock Map Product on Mac BaseCamp software

Enter Unlock Code into Garmin BaseCamp as follows. When you start BaseCamp the dialog box with “Locked Maps Detected” will open. Here, please choose “Continue."

Unlock on Mac

Select from BaseCamp menu “Maps > Edit Unlock Codes.” In the Unlock Code Editor, press "Add" and enter the Unlock Code you have provided and press "Enter" afterward. If you have multiple unlock codes, repeat adding the unlock code by pressing "Add." After entering the unlock code, close the Unlock Code Editor.

Unlock on Mac

Garmin GPS receiver does not recognize UUD Japan map memory card.

Your GPS firmware may be not support the memory card size larger than 2GB. Please try updating your GPS firmware using Garmin WebUpdater software. If the problem still persist even with the latest GPS firmware, you will need to install UUD Japan map from PC using Garmin MapInstall software. Please read enclosed use manual for the installation instruction.

Limitation of searching function with Japanese version of Nuvi

The "Cities" search function to find places and postal code will NOT work on Japanese version of Nuvi since "Cities" category is not available in Japanese version of Nuvi. If you need to search places (address), you need to enable Japanese pre-installed CityNavigator map and search with "Prefecture" in Japanese Kanji characters. Note that if you enable Japanese pre-installed CityNavigator, our UUD Japan map will not display on Nuvi screen. You will need to disable after searching with the pre-installed CityNavigator map.

"Can't calculate a route" error message.

In order to make correct routing, you will need to start and end on one of the routing road. If you cannot calculate a route from current position, you are likely not on the routing road, those roads are labeled either "Alley, non-routable" (gray line) or "Trail, non-routable" (dash line) ." Note that any of the roads inside the military base are not routing road. If you are currently located inside a military base, small alleys or trails, you will need to go outside the area and start calculate route from one of the routing roads. Please also make sure that the destination is also routing road.

Load Japan maps onto external memory card (e.g. SD card) such as for Nuvi.

The many of pre-loaded GPS models from Garmin like Nuvi or StreetPilot series do not include MapSource software. If that's the case, you need to purchase at least Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager (TWM) to browse and load maps onto external memory card. You need to install MapSource (or TWM) before installing our Japan maps. After completing the software installations, open MapSource and select "Japan RoadNavi 25000 v2", use "Zoom Out" tool to zoom out the map that you can view entire Japan. Then from the menu, tool->map to select map tool and click on lower right and drag to upper left that select entire Japan. Selected maps should be in pink. Now, connect your SD card (or other types of memory card supported by your GPS) to your card reader, then press "Send To Device" button below.

Then, select the drive name of your SD card, and finally click "Send" to send maps to your card. After successfully finished, remove your SD and load the card to your GPS. You now should be able to browse and navigate.

(Version 1.2) I am using a latest version of Garmin MapSource and the “Find Places” function is not available. I have a problem with “Find Places” function on GPS.

Unfortunately, the find function is unavailable and grayed out. However, the full address search using the find function is simply impossible for Japanese address(listed in limitation on our info page). Basically, Japanese address is NOT based on street address like the US, Europe or the most of other countries and the most of residential roads do not even have their names. Japanese address is based on place names or "banchi" address (a block of areas). Since the US or Europe model of Garmin GPS search address only by street address, the problem has no solution and we can do nothing about this... In addition, due to use of the mixture of upper and lower cases in POIs, your GPS may not narrow searches by entering more than two characters. If you want to use"Find by Name" in GPS device, please type only the first character of the place to search and use scroll key to find.

We advice to create as many Waypoints as possible in advance and store them on GPS to quickly locate your favorite places. You can then search by nearest containing around the place.

No map is added on MapSource after installation

Your MapSource software need to be upgraded to the latest version. Please download the latest updater from the Garmin site below. Please uninstall our Japan map before the update; then, re-install Japan map afterward. Note that if you are just updating MapSource with working Japan map, you do not need to uninstall Japan map.