The version 4.0 map uses Japan Digital Road Map Database published on March 2011 by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. This map is made for the car navigation.

Table of Contents

  1. Navigation Features
  2. Search Functions
  3. Samples

Navigation Features

  • The Japan roads network of the roads wider than 3.0m are available for navigate on compatible Garmin GPS units.
  • Please be aware that the smaller alleys less than 3.0m and trails are also available as "lines drawings." Those smaller roads comes from Japan GSI 1:25000 digital map that CANNOT be used for the automati navigation on the device.
  • Unlike the previous version, highway ramps exit and enterance are now fully supported for smooth navigation. Note that only divided roads and highway roads/ramps have one-way road restrictions. The small roads do not have road restrictions, such as one-way restrictions. Please carefully follow the road restriction when you are driving.
Navigation Navigation

Search Functions

You can search places in Japan if you know the "CHOME" address from the city category (Where To->Cities) on your GPS (Where To->Addresses will NOT work).

Search on Cities

Search places from the City category

Postal code

The version 3.0 is now possible to search by the Japanese 7 digits postal code.

Search on DakotaSearch on DakotaSearch on DakotaSearch on Dakota

Searching on Garmin Dakota

MapSource Postal code

Postal code search on MapSource software



Navigation sample on Garmin NUVI. You can find the major street name on the map.

Navigation on DakotaNavigation on DakotaNavigation on DakotaNavigation on Dakota

Navigation sample on Garmin Dakota