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UUD Co., Ltd. or Upupdown is not affiliated with Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. Garmin Ltd. will not support third party maps for their GPS including Upupdown Japan maps. Please contact us for problems and do not send problem report to Garmin if you have difficulty installing Japan map.

Frequently Asked Questions Contents

What Garmin GPS model works?

In short, our map should work on all model from Garmin that accept MapSource map to transfer. If you are looking for navigation capability using version 2.0, your GPS must support Garmin City Navigator maps. In addition, the map size of version 2.0 is much bigger than version 1.2. Please check available memory storage space. We would recommend version 1.2 if the memory size is less than 24MB and not expandable. Our Japan map needs Garmin MapSource to browse and transfer maps onto GPS. Garmin GPS with pre-loaded maps may not include MapSource software such as Nuvi series (including popular Nuvi 350, Nuvi 360, Nuvi660). If you don't have Mapsource, we advise to purchase Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager which include MapSource program. Alternatively, there is a way to transfer maps without MapSource using a freeware, check our support page.

Please note that we do not support nor recommend any of Garmin aviation GPS receivers or GPS chartplotters to install our Japan map as we have no experience using them. If you decided to use our Japan map, please use at your own risk.

How to find the GPS UNIT ID

Following are the keystrokes to find your Unit ID

  • Oregon, Dakota, GPSMAP62
     Main MENU > Setup > About
  • Colorado
     Shortcuts > Setup > System > Options > Software Version
  • GPSMAP60, eTrex
     Main MENU > Setup > System > Menu Key > Software Version > Unit ID
  • Edge 605, Edge 705
     Main MENU > Settings > System > About Edge
  • Edge 800
     Main MENU > Spanner > About Edge
  • Nuvi
     Menu screen > Spanner > Settings > System > About

Will this work with my Garmin Nuvi, or StreetPilot?

Our Japan map works on Garmin Nuvi as well as StreetPilot series. However, we believe Garmin Nuvi or StreetPilot does not come with MapSource CD, you will need to purchase Garmin Trip and Waypoint manager along with our Japan map version 2 if you don't have any MapSource software. In the case you don't know what the MapSource is, you are likely need to purchase Garmin Trip and Waypoint manager CD (this includes MapSource software). Please find more product information on our version 2 map page.

Can I use on localized non-US version of Garmin GPS?

Yes, our Japan map should work on all model of Garmin GPS that support MapSource software maps including Euro or Japanese edition of Garmin GPS.

Is this map routable with turn by turn direction feature?

Yes, please check version 2, if you are looking for the routing capability. The version 1 maps are not routable and MapSource will not follow the roads when you create a route (just draw a straight line to the destination).

Do you support my generic GPS model? Can I use on non Garmin GPS, such as Tom Tom?

Our Japan map is in Garmin format and works exclusively on Garmin GPS and Garmin software. One exception is that Garmin has just released a new product "Garmin Mobile XT" on Oct. 3 2007, Garmin brand GPS navigation software for generic GPS enabled PDA or Smartphones. We have actually tested our Japan map on using this new software. In short, our Japan map works, but there is a limitation and need an attention when you are intent to use Garmin Mobile XT. The detail information will be available in our support page for Garmin Mobile XT.

Is this map covers my area, Hokkaido, Okinawa, etc.?

Yes, the map coverage of both road map and topo map is entire Japan including small islands, certainly coveres Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyusyu, Shikoku and main island.

What is the detail level of my place?

The detail level is 1:25000 throughout Japan. You will find the same street detail as the 1:25000 paper topographic map published by Japan GSI (National Geographical Survey Institute) except some new roads may be missing (we use digital vector maps from Japan GSI but the maps are not published as frequently as paper maps). 1:25000 topographic maps from Japan GSI is the most detail level of maps that covers throughout Japan at the same scale. Physical scale of 25m corresponds 1mm in 1:25000 scale map on paper. 1:25000 scale map would usually include the most of main roads (3.0m or wider) as well as some of narrow streets (1.5-3.0m) and trails (less than 1.5m). The densely populated area would not include all streets since place like Tokyo or old city around castle may have the web of alleys or a labyrinth of streets. In practice, it is not going to be a problem since only local people or cats utilize them.

Do I need to buy an upgrade CD to get the latest version?

No. The product include all upgrade under the major revision. The upgrade CD is provided for the owner of previous version, or upgrading the major revision suchas v1 to v2.

What is your upgrade policty?

We will keep farely low cost under minor revision changes such as the version change from 1.1 to 1.2 (about 1/10th of the sales price). We will notify on this web site when it becomes available. There will be discount for the owner of previous license for the major revision change. The difference between minor and major revision is the significant investment changes in producing the map or the major improvement of the map feature.